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Artist's Statement

Art should be honest. It may be honest fantasy, but it should still be honest. Art doesn't have to be disturbing or shocking but it should say something true about reality. All art, at the very least, says something about how the artist views the world. The best art is made to be understood by others and yet it would still have been created even without an audience. I create because I can - and because I enjoy it. It is an awesome privilege to be able to add beauty to the world. Art is fun. I personally like visual art that makes me feel good. If I want to be shocked I'll watch the evening news. Happiness doesn't have to be escapism, it's just balance. Visible Soul is about honesty and balance and quality of life. I create the kind of art that I enjoy. I offer a few select pieces for those of you who like their art visibly soulful.    -DKC-